So, what is my reason to love Queen the way I do? Why did I put my heart and heart-shaped object into this website? This small abode, a niche, understandable by only a few my feelings?


When I originally heard about Chapter 2's release, I was quick as a bee to go and experience whatever Toby Fox's magic was this time. I was an Undertale fanatic within the first year and for at least three more, but it also somehow took me at least a year to play Deltarune's first chapter. Odd. But I whizzed through, sat through that first-week, first-day, and first-month hype. The explosions of attention to the game after that hiatus of wait. But after that beauty, something lingered inside of me. It was a warmth, small, but heavy as steel, a flame set.

I sorta ignored it for a few months, and it would've probably went away on its own. But it didn't. During sometime between April-May 2022, that flame decided it had enough of being ignored. Suddenly, a thought. Replay the second chapter. Realize what you are warm for. It was Queen. It was fucking Queen Deltarune. Any time she came around to the screen, that warmth overtook my body like an overheating CPU. A warm love for Queen. She made my heart tickle, tickled with her strange humor that hit me in a way that I guess only Tumblr users could understand now, and left me wondering about her after. Her morals. How she'll be after all of...that. Daily routine. If she'd love me back. Perhaps that last part is too much for most to understand.

An implication I feel heavily within Queen is within the computer that is built to resemble a human. It acts human, it looks human. But with that, comes the most human part of it all -- can a computer make a human's mistake?

Queen has never really struck me as evil, and she...really isn't. Just misguided so, so, heavily, as to become that evil. It's over with. She's just...Queen now. But a loveable Queen. I want to grab the back of her kidney-bean head and hang from it like the manlet I am. I want to watch her on good days and bad, watch her chug that battery acid, and maybe a bit too much and she goes off about her ex or something. I want to rest in her metal lap on that silly gaming seat while we both spring around the city. Wish I had a room in that mansion filled with that search history. I think if she saw my search history, she'd freak out a bit at the obsessiveness I have over her, though. Doted on. Pet names. The airheadedness of Queen is the part I love the most out of all. An anon asked me once in a certain thread how I could love someone too silly to take seriously. Well. She makes me laugh, and life is not to be taken seriously anyways.

heres a post i think a lot about