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Character shrines are all the rage again, and with that, I decided that the perfect girl to make one about would be a lovely computer.

Welcome! This is a site dedicated to Queen, the villian of the second chapter of Deltarune. While I don't see a lot of big fans of her out in the web since the second or third month of the chapter release, those who stay seem very, very decicated. Perhaps I am no exception making this place. And again, a internet shrine to a character who's main bit, persay and perpun, is being a living embodiment of a wrecking intenret, is like peanut butter and jelly. Feel free to take a peek around! May this bring some happiness to somebody.

Who Is Queen?

She's So Cool: Here's Why

She's Loveable, Even: My Personal Thoughts On Her

Things I Own With Her Face On It

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