Rhythm games are one of the only genres of games I can say I genuinely enjoy anymore outside of specific serieses. They're easy for me to pick up, play for a little bit, and then put down and move on with my day. Also incredibly easy to get mad at, because, as the genre is well known for, this shit's hard. I'm able to manage around advanced-hard difficulties for most games, maybe a bit lower or higher.

I also prefer rhythm games with an out-there way of playing, which limits a lot of my favorites to either emulation or the sparse arcade machines in America. Every mobile game with the piano tiles type shit is just disgusting to me, and almost any game with an included gacha mechanic goes in the trash after a week. Bandori, Sekai, Enstars, all of your favorites are shit. Go play on the washing machine and grow some taste.

I've listed a few of my favorite and memorable rhythm games around and even inside said washing machine here. It's better to just make a singular shrine, because saying much about rhythm games is hard.


first one i ever took seriously. pretty good, but held back by how utterly fucked the 3ds' buttons tend to be for rapid pressing. vocaloid models based off of nenderoids, makes them very cute. did you know that originally you could also have gumi in your room, but that was scrapped for no reason other than fuck you?


project diva's landing onto the switch, which is perfect because nobody owns a playstation anymore. i hate the new shaders so much, but otherwise it's pretty good. reason i burnt through two knockoff pro controllers.


one of the few decent mobile rhythm games, has a nice plot, great variety of song genres with minimal clashing. you WILL be the miserable.


also a really good mobile rhythm game, a classic even. the mvs are really nice, the aesthetic rocks. astra walkthrough my beloved. trin is a cute.


just a basic 4k/7k rhythm game with user submitted charts on steam. skinning, shit charts, everything. at least it's not osu, but it's entertained me fairly so far.


haha funny washing machine site layout. really fucking good to play, but bring gloves. i'm really lucky to have this (and popn) near where i live...managed to get my ass tore up once on a sonic song chart there with a friend. the mascots are super cute, too.


one of the big boys of rhythm arcade games. controller looks like a toy for kids with autism. CUTE character designs. fili is my best friend in real life :). i have pictures of myself at a convention playing this in a dark choco cookie cosplay. one day i'll be brave enough to post them here.


i actually don't play nitg that much. open source port of in the groove 2. LOTS of cool devs and charts from this one. below are videos of two charts i did character art for, both made by my friend oranger. again, charts are usually extremely hard to track, so i just watch the cool stuff happen instead.