welcome to my semi-shrine for a game i've been active on since 2013! i've moved accounts twice, but i'm still doing just the same on my current one. feel free to add me on roblox, my username is sugarteara.

i've been playing since i 2012, which is before i could have sentient thoughts and opinions, and it shows with the oldest account i had's avatar. just look at it, talk about aged. i haven't seen anyone use robloxian 2.0 in a while, wonder why.

i looked through my collection of items in this account, too, and it's...surely something. i played on this account 2012-2013. lots of old meme shirts, general weeb fits, the usual. reeked of a certain nostalgia.

but this isn't about musing of how good roblox was back then, it's about the current and now! this place is to talk about the things i do today! roblox is still one of my main games, the one i reach for when i don't feel like playing a REAL game. except now roblox has a lot of real games, a lot of games that, if it wasn't roblox, would be AAA tier. and that's great too, but i still prefer smaller projects. the games tab on the other end of this site can give that to you! it's just my little suggestions for games i like, and other people like too, and so on.