RBLXWARE - based off of the tf2ware mod, which is based off of the warioware series. what a sentence. exactly what it sounds like, with purchasable taunts and weapons. chat's also usually very tight-knit, which you don't see in games a lot nowadays.

FUNKY FRIDAY - yeah, yeah, zoomer rhythm game port. it's at least a better use of my space than downloading the mods for Yandere Simulator 2

SURVIVAL 303 - old survival game that's stood the test of time. i used to be everyone's farmer and fishboy when the servers were active.

ARSENAL -surprisingly good first person shooter. also, i can fix the performer.

HORRIFIC HOUSING -good for when i want something i can both play and do other things on the side when i die. don't bother talking on this game though, most of the players are twelve or something.

WORK AT A PIZZA PLACE -true classic of a game, has lost some of its soul within the recent years, but stil stands the test of time.

SANDBOX - another classic, free building game, servers have died down immensely, but the things i've seen done are nothing short of magical.

RETROBLOX & RETROSTUDIO -experience roblox from a bit long ago. retroblox is copies of popular old games, while retrostudio is community run games. you can also get the retroblox experience in super nostalgia zone.

PEPPER'S PLAYHOUSE - decent weirdcore game based off of a small clown friend.

ITEM ASYLUM - spiritual successor to infinite welfare. very shitposty fighting game with very fun weapons. always read the tool tips, they sneak in some good lines there. also keep your volume low.

DARKENED DAWN - supernatural themed roleplay game with a nice map and some customization extras. expect...roblox player qualtiy writing, though.

EPIC MINING II - very dead but still functional mining game, was one of my favorites during quarentine.

RAISE A FLOPPA - you raise your very own floppa, along other animals, and other eldritch abominations.

CORNERSTONE ARCADE - arcade...but in roblox. nothing too special gamewise though

DOOMSPIRE BRICKBATTLE - the meta here sucks but also you get to explode shit so its ok

VISION PARK - virtual theme park based off of action park MY BELOVED

WARM ISOLATION - crowd yourself with 3 other guys in the same room. also, mewo is in here.

GAS STATION SIMULATOR- run a gas station, pay the bills, deal with people yelling at you, customer and staff both.

LIMBOBBIA- why the long gutair?

INHUMANE- inject test subjects with grime and record what happens.

MARBLE MAKER- user-made marble-runner levels, quality varies.

MGDWARE- another warioware-like, but only using mouse and usually solo and a lot of hand-drawn assets and...

KNIFE ABILITY TEST- one hit kills. throw knife by holding down the mouse.

SOCIAL EXPERIMENT- one objective -- survive.

DOORS - exploratory roblox horror game, had a lot of interest in this pre-floor 1 rework. still fun, though.


MIND MURDER PLCE - trippy explorative game based off of lsd dream emulator's textures

UNOFFICIAL - roblox remake of the digital uno game

CASE FILE 1225 - murder mystery visual novel made in roblox

MYSTERY FLESH PIT - recreation of the mystery flesh pit in roblox

DINGUS - either go around doing tasks around a map and try to blend in with NPC characters, or scout the players along the crowd to shoot them down.

COURTROOM SHENANIGANS - courtroom simulator game, works on a round-based system.

A STEREOTYPICAL OBBY - it's just another obby. probably.

REPLEH COUNTY ARCHIVES - a prequel to the game above.

JIM'S COMPUTER - go on the internet while you can.