games i like

cookie run (ovenbreak only), needy streamer overload, team fortress 2, a dance of fire and ice, board game online, splatoon, project diva/mirai, quaver, roblox, misao, mad father, undertale, deltarune, laingame, parappa, lsd dream emulator, vib ribbon, lisa the painful, kirby, lanota, super mario rpg, touhou, minecraft, particle mace, crypt of the necrodancer, the binding of isaac, the witch's house, cookie clicker, vrchat, masters of the monster lair, muse dash, everhood, going under, helltaker, stardew valley, subway midnight, doki doki literate club, disco elysium, and probably more because i have no life ^^

music i like

machine girl, loli in early 20s, goreshit, metaroom, zun, toby fox, marina, dj technorch, paraoka, t+pazolite, poppy, kikuo, maretu, utsup, pinocchiop, lemon demon, 100 gecs, igorrr, crystal castles, nanoray, death grips, mitski, alice glass, lauren bousfield, icep3ak, atakashi records, ferry, leaf, iosys

breakcore, vocaloid, glitchcore, weirdcore, hyperpop, j-core, digital hardcore, vocaloid

ghost and pals fans dni

aesthetics i like

-cores included fuck you


goth, scenemo, rave fashion, kandi kid, neckbeard, shitty rooms, shitty food, anime gore, figurines, dark academia, animecore, losercore, webcore, otakucore, clowncore, weirdcore, traumacore, gorecore, menhera, labcore

art materials i like

watercolor, digital art (i use a wacom intuos pro and clip studio), ms paint, pen and ink, alcohol markers, acrylics

artists i like

yukaman, yoshitoshi abe, yoshinoro nara, boltheeye, rkdakeka0051, rayzow03, meltoekaki, nid_blabla, martin walls, joel g, frida kahlo, wasabicookieswag, draculovely, si_ku, gedikor, shintarou kago, junji ito

shows i like

ena, serial experiments lain, welcome to the nhk, the walten files, neon genesis evangelion, perfect blue, paprika, who framed roger rabbit

things i DISLIKE!!!!!!

carrd users, carrd pro payers, carrd in general, weridos on the web, modern web design, win11/chromebook ui, non-solid black eyeliner, certain clothes textures, nfts (FUCK NFTS!!!!!!!!!!!!1!), microwavable dinners, centipedes, smaller children, but not you! you are liked here :)