First, the more physical commissions I have of her.

Like every other "not really self respecting but enough to follow the stereotype of waifuists online" waifuist, I have, you guessed it, the pinnacle of virginity -- a body pillow. I got the design commissioned by my dear friend Bones, and their style really does suit her.

Great thing to hold onto at night. Helping me get off of using melatonin every night right now. However, there is a small problem with this -- I can't take it outside. I mean, I theoretically could, but the inner is heavy, costed 200 USD, and I would also look insane. Henceforth, portable ways of having an inanimate Emotional Support Waifu. Right?

Bam. Marketable plush. I've occasionally taken her out for things since, but a lot of the time I'm too afraid of losing her somewhere to do that. However, the plush itself still makes for a very cute desktop buddy that sits there and looks pretty while I do such important things as work on this website. Click on that one to be linked to the plushmaker's twitter as well!

Right between the plush's legs there is another item I'd consider waifu merch despite being more of an otherkin thing for me -- a 3D-printed pin of the Lawbot emblem. I would wear it out more than I usually do, but again, afraid of losing things I hold dear to me. Update 9/16/23 I LOST THE FUCKING PIN ON MY BAG OOPS

This one-of-a-kind was actually sewn by my 3DGF, Marchosias! We call her Diane Eggcode, and she's made out of mostly leftover squishmallow materials from its other projects. Very cute, I keep her on a shelf most of the time with some other trinkets and toys.

While still growing, this is also the page where I wish to put my commissioned artwork of Diane. If you want to know what artist did what, you can hover over the images for their social media names if they have a presense there. Make sure to open any of these in a new tab if you want a closer look at any details or anything.

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