Mouthpiece is a manager cog in Toontown: Corporate Clash, one of the currently most popular private servers for the now-defunct Toontown Online, which was initially released in 2003 by Disney and kept alive for ten years. While she was introduced in-game in the release of the 1.3 "Hires and Heroes" update, she was hinted in the ARG that preluded the update, both on the website and in a specific conversation with another character.

battling the mouthpiece

Mouthpiece can be encountered on a random street of Mezzo Melodyland, and, as with the rest of the manager cogs, has a few things up her sleeve to break the pace and require some more effort for Toons in a face-off. Often noted as a difficulty spike in street managers in the game, this lady is not to be taken lightly, but also is rather simple compared to some of the others with what needs to be done to defeat her. Mouthpiece starts off with 1300HP, and the Content Sync limits Toons to a max of 67 laff and level six gags to take in.

The first of her cheats is Rolodex+, which allows her Rolodex attack to target two Toons at once, as well as allowing her to attack twice if any Cogs in the battle are damaged that round. The second attack will always be Rolodex, but it can still miss either, or rarely, both Toons.

The second is more passive, yet much more difficult to deal with in the long run.

Wire Cut activates whenever a Toon is hit by one of Mouthpiece's attacks. The unlucky fella will be nerfed for the next round, which affects all gags used, and, depending on the battle's amount of Toons, can reach to up to 75% of a nerf. As a result, and combined with Rolodex+, getting big hits on Mouthpiece is difficult after the first turn, or if you don't go for a turn without targeting the cogs at all.

My personal strategy is to keep targeting Mouthpiece for the entire fight, and keep any other cogs in the fight lured to avoid any additional damage. I've also seen a specific method floating around that lets you defeat her in two or three turns, but I don't see it much in use, because it requires pretty high drop training and for drop to be prestiged. In addition, another thing I've seen is, whenever a Toon is affected by Wire Cut, they'll just run away and re-enter the fight to remove the nerf. A little hilarious in hindset, but pretty battle-breaking.

In addition to the standard rewards (a pretty good handful of jellybeans, exp, and gumballs), Mouthpiece has two unique drops to her -- a vanity sticker that can be used almost whenever (to express confusion, probably), and a pair of glasses themed after her that Toons can wear.

personal life of the mouthpiece

So, first of all, her actual name is Belle Dama, and she will be referred to as Belle from now on. Also, a lot of this information is taken from, a site related to the pre-1.3 update ARG. With that out of the way ;

Belle, who works in the Lawbot department of Cogs Inc., is obviously, very obviously, rather old, with dialogue and other lorebits being in constant reference to this. She has grandchildren, with one of them (her favorite, Cassie Dama) being the password for her account, and her previous place of work was with the Alex Hander Glad Bell Company, for an amazing 48 years until her position just...became obsolete. She's also, ironically, the newest manager hire to Cogs Inc., having only been there for a month.

Being based off of a phone, she is also extremely talkative. Her personal statement includes two(!) departures from the original topic, into light gossip. Her interview was similar, spending around fourty minutes talking about her family, and fifteen minutes to show off one of her hobbies -- knitting. She also bakes desserts, and used cookies to try and maaaaaybe bribe her interviewer. Good recipe though, seeing as one of the Rank-Up Kudos tasks for Mezzo Melodyland is trying to get her recipe.

Despite the overt grandma-ness Belle has, she is also noted, as oh-so-obvious within a fight with her, that she's also perfectly fine of, well, brawling. This was also one of her rambles in the interview, and will probably leave Toons to relax a bit too much around her before giving them the good ol' go-sad treatment.

Back to the knitting thing, and the password thing as well. During the ARG, both her username and password were revealed by speaking to Judy (the secretary of Lawbot HQ) using a certain Speed Chat phrase, in which she would bring up a very competitive knitting club which both Judy and Belle were a part of. Belle is, again, extraordinarily good at knitting, after all. Deserved spot. Perhaps a bit terrifying in the aspects of talent. The full conversation can be read here if you scroll down a tad.

Overall, very sweet, but not to be underestimated in the slightest, and doing very well for herself, despite being an old Cog. Good for her. Good for her!

gossipy tidbits involving the mouthpiece

headcanons i have for the mouthpiece

sorry, it can't just be a restaple of her wiki page. here's some personal thoughts i have on her.