toontown: corporate clash is one of a handful of running private sevrers for the now-defunct toontown: online, a mmorpg released in 2003 by disney, the rat itself. in toontown, you play as, well, toons, fighting for your harmonious society of giggles and fun against the capitalist, joyless cogs using cartoon gags. at its base, this is basically a furry game meant to teach young children math, but it's also a lot more anti-capitalist, interesting, and with the many new additions and quality of life changes that toontown: corporate clash brings, addicting than you'd expect from something aimed at that demographic.

"a toontown shrine, themed around the cogs? is nephro a JOYLESS CUNT" autism be upon ye, as autism be upon me over these fucking businessmen.

but yeah i've actually grown up around this game since the later days of toontown online still being running.. i used all of my Brain Powers that i gained from just learning how to read enough to play viddygames and use the internet as a kid to keep making trial accounts for tto because my parents wouldn't pay for this game, which is good in hindsight now that i think about it. i never got far in that, or in rewritten for that matter, but that's just because it's a very grindy game at its core. corporate clash fixed most of those issues by overhauling a lot of the gameplay, where it's now a lot more linear and easy to get into.

ok back to the cogtism!! i really like the cogs, and i tend to focus on them more than the toons, despite how little sense that may seem...i'm just not a very toony machine i guess !! the business robots are just cooler !! my favorite department is definetly lawbots, despite the mixed quality of the redesigns in ttcc, they have such good designs anyways, and i'm already pretty biased towards that field in non-vidya ways as well. sellbots are definetly a close second, too! but yeah!! i just really like these little capitalist guys :)