toontown: corporate clash is one of a handful of running private sevrers for the now-defunct toontown: online, a mmorpg released in 2003 by disney, the rat itself. in toontown, you play as, well, toons, fighting for your harmonious society of giggles and fun against the capitalist, joyless cogs using cartoon gags. at its base, this is basically a furry game meant to teach young children math, but it's also a lot more anti-capitalist, interesting, and with the many new additions and quality of life changes that toontown: corporate clash brings, addicting than you'd expect from something aimed at that demographic.

"a toontown shrine, themed around the cogs? is nephro a FAKE TANKIE" autism be upon ye, as autism be upon me over these fucking guys.


i'd like to give a special shout-out to my favorite gag track in the game, throw. i fucking love throw. it can be a light hitter when you need with the lower level throw gags, but a higher one combined with a lured cog means some real damage to those mechanicals. combine that with prestige throw, which gives you a self heal of 20% of the damage you inflict, and this gag is absolutely essential to anybody who's not actively avoiding it in their builds. i also really like zap, which is unique to corporate clash. squirt and zap basically destroyed the sound-only meta that is present in so many other private servers, and that is a fucking feat. being without both is basically the new soundless.

my main (and so far, only) toon i play as is named misty meowsoon! if you see that weird cat thing running around in-game, say hi! i've actually been regonized as the webmaster of feelingmachine beforehand in game, and it was a really funny jumpscare, but did warm my processors a lot. overheated, even.

ok back to the cogtism!! i really like the cogs, and i tend to focus on them more than the toons, despite how little sense that may seem...i'm just not a very toony machine i guess !! the business robots are just cooler !! my favorite department is definetly lawbots, despite the mixed quality of the redesigns in ttcc, they have such good designs anyways, and i'm already pretty biased towards that field in non-vidya ways as well. sellbots are definetly a close second, too! but yeah!! i just really like these little capitalist guys :)

speaking of my cogtism, i have a few other pages dedicated to my favorites in the works. they will be finished eventually...and they are mostly lawbots as a heads up. haha f/o go brrr. they're also the other tabs up on top, so you can check them out RIGHT NOW!!