VIRTUAL LOVE IN FLEETING CYBERSPACE is a discord server for fictosexuals, selfshippers, waifuists, yume, and the like and similar.

we are sfw/all ages, poly friendly, and not only are unconventional f/os welcome to be safe here, they're encouraged. there's also channels for platonic fictionality, objectum, and alterhumanity. there's ALSO a cool rock somewhere in here...

we also are (probably) the only server of our kind to actually have rules against underage and feral characters. no worries over weirdos in here!

not hooked yet? here's some witness accounts of the server!

"every day i wake up and people have said words, 10/10 highly reccomend" - Judy Judkins, Lawbot Dept. of the Coal, Oil, & Gas Syndicate

"hi my name is stuffy bunny sol onaga, i have two bad bitches who both suffer from add and autism. i want to find a server dedicated to dating bad bitches. then i found virtual love and met many epic people who date bad bitches. please join" - Stuff

"theres so many robot enjoyers here its wonderful." - Meadow Evergreen

"they won’t let me in because i didn’t bring napkins" - Nate

"I made this." - Nephro P. Dae-Morsecode

"i got the napkins :)" - Nate

"i like this server" - Beab

"mywife is ribbons nd ilikeher" - Harley