everybody knows what vocaloid is if you've made it to this specific part of my site, and if you don't, well, that's on you!

i've probably been listening to the vocaloid genre since i first got access to the internet, seeing as it was even more of an internet staple in 2013 than it is now. since then, it's been one of my main genres, if not the only one i listened to for most of my life. you can basically find any other genre of song with miku singing on top of it. my figurine collection is also primarily vocaloid, mostly miku, not because i like her that much, but because 80% of vocaloid related merchandise is going to be miku.

here's a list of my favorite voicebanks. i have the objectively best taste. if you disagree you are wrong.

if you'd like just a glance at some of my favorite producers and songs, they're in the little music widget on this page! thought that'd be a cute way of showcase. i am probably one of five english joruzin fans, and there will be six of us when jeremy gets here.

i'd also like to take a moment to light a match onto your views on my music opinions -- ghost and pals sucks doodoo fard. creep-p too. actually, most english vocaloid producers just...can't music for shit, but as long as you make the song edgy enough (which i'm not immune to either -- i LOVE vocahorror!), you can get a fanbase. fucking shame. and if i say this, i get pinprodded on if i have some personal problem with ghost's actions or whatnot. no, the music just sucks. it's a wider issue with consuming media now -- you have to have a reason to dislike something, usually political. no you don't.