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The Alterhuman Summoning Circle is a webring aimed at the alterhuman community, which basically means that we host anybody of the following catagories that owns a personal website;

My aim for this webring is that, with the declining amount of open alterhumanity on the modern internet, and the growing popularity of maintaining a personal website, that this will end up an index of open alterhumans with said personal websites. It serves as a nice, easy list for those inside or interested in the community, as well as a message -- that we're not alone, we are still alive, and despite any uptick in cringe culture, we will never die off.

Our webring widget is right down below. Looks pretty neat. I chose the elven/fairy star as our symbol due to its regonizability, status, and that it also just looks cool. I also chose such a drastic name for the webring as the Alterhuman Summoning Circle to play into that one stereotype of alterhumanity being a form of chuunibyou. Never anything wrong with having a little fun like that.

There are links above for if you're interested in joining -- the rules, a list of current members, and an actual form, as well as the code for the widget.

Take pride in what you are, nonhuman or otherwise!