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Interested in joining a small connecter for alterhuman webmasters? You're in luck, because this is where you get that done.

Below is a form that should be filled out and sent to or feelingmachine on discord.

This form may look long, but it is mostly one or two word inputs, I promise. I try to check the email address frequently, but please have patience with me.

After you are accepted to the webring, you can add this widget code to anywhere on your website. It uses the onionring webring code, so look towards that if you wish to style it further. The widget is also at a fixed 250x150 pixel size, so take that into note for when you place it. If you do not have UTF-8 linked to your stylesheet, the arrows are prone to displaying as gibberish. If you're using an external code editor, it may display the AHSC widget as unable to connect -- don't fret! It usually works once it's deployed onto your website.

And...congratulations! You've been added to the Alterhuman Summoning Circle. Confetti here. Wooohooooo! Why not check out some of the other websites while you're here?