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These are the current members for the Alterhuman Summoning Circle. Hover over an image for their name!

Current member count: 94 (probably)

Nephro - feelingmachine
the personal website and art archive for a malfunctioning machine, paradoxically divine and unholy. also owns this webring.
Noa - moonview
personal/art site kept up by a silly little catbeing who is also many other things.
Nepeta - arseniccatnip33
the website of a silly trans catgirl that read homestuck when she was 14 and hasnt recovered since :33
Vincent - Vincent's Dungeon πŸ”ž
A personal website that also hosts photography and writing.
Whisker - Whisker's Den
A 'kin experience-focused site run by a therian and fictionkin cat program.
site run by a weasel
Azure - macaque
This site contains graphics, essays, and soul of the webmaster, who also just-so happens to be a fallen angel (amongst other things).
Luteia - the chaotic threshold
A personal site for the skyrose garden. Semi-focused on otherkin commentary and essays, but also focused on other things.
Serena - Vaporwave Synthesizer
This place will forever be under maintenance. I leak a lot of creative juices, and my site is a perfect place for that.
Devils - yourdevilfriends πŸ”ž
home of devilishly good times.
Dokodemo is a hobby project which serves as a time capsule to the earlier days of the web.
Laika Wallace - Laika Wallace's Writing Page
This is where Laika hosts PDFs of hir books for anyone to read for free.
Hank - killing-machine
queer and bloody windows95 website run fueled by autism and visera
Westbrook - doctorzone
A wizard's little web corner for everything.
Kyt - Crossveil
A personal grimoire of an ethereal Cat exploring the Veil and the Beyond.
Jelly - jellykins
a surely but slowly improving site based around the splatoon series! come here for fun, leave with ink in your face and a world of knowledge from the depths of the sea o’ colors.
Raziel - EXPECTATIONemesis
A personal site that houses a nostalgia-sick sparkledragon's special interests.
mizuki - mizuki's world!
mizuki's place to blog and be herself.
Leo - StarBound
A digital home on a digital starship. Still in construction, but it's cozy.
crow - crowpunk co
crow's funky eclectic web page, showing off feyr interests, art, web graphics, and generally weird stuff! centered on queerness, disability, and being 100 people in a trench coat.
Angel - Control Core Angel
A personal site run by your local Siren, with much to discover and explore. Kins waaay too many things.
A void's personal site for various escapades. Art, musings, vtubing... -
A Digital Garden.
Jay - the (jay)bird cage
A general personal site, with some things about me and some resource links.
10^500 - hoppingtopping
a website on the internets, coded with love by one of 4,294,967,296 spindas in existence
victor - ghosting pen
a personal website full of stuff about the webmaster's special interests and hyperfixations. run by a ghost who often likes to keep to himself
Cross - cross paradise
personal website with art, opinions, and silliness
cupid - Cupid's Corner
my little personal site! i blog abt my life as a neurodivergent young adult :)
Dragon[s] - Dragon's Roost
Personal website largely surrounding alterhuman and plural experiences. Contains resources and writings.
Spencer - Silly Alien
Personal website of a silly queer alien! Featuring art, spirituality, mental health discussion, silly antics, and more!
Ryan - followthewhiterabbit
kitty cat artist on the internet :3
Arsenic - Sick of The Silence πŸ”ž
personal blog where I can get away from modern social media
Scans and translations of books. Whatever else I think's cool.
hannibal - call me a crime
personal blog/writing dump of a glitchy cannibal /)////(\ warning: includes transformers
Cola - starhaven
personal site of a certified sillyguy
atlas - gasbag
a personal website for a star living on a spaceship.
Goodnight - Free Butterfly
Personal, art, and selfshipping website of an eldritch crow (who loves ice cream and the color light blue a bit too much). No, unfortunately it is not a butterfly, despite the site name.
Viktor - Viktor's Site
The closest thing to Arcane science available to a newly-arrived introject: a personal Neocities with no end goal.
Fluxie - Fluxie's Plushie Zone!
Home page of Roxie "Fluxie" Wattz, a blue plush cow.
Clancy - sunny-cities
personal site of Clancy and the Web System
Mo - cloudydusk
Silly little fictionkin talks about browser games & other stuff. Forever in progress.
Debleb - Deb's Place
The home of debleb and his obsessions.
Case Designate: Sundial - The World's Address
the personal website of an autistic beast (warning: contains headmates.) {&}
Thomas - silly
somewhat personal site for infodumps & 00s nostalgia
jesse - toon static!
a personal site dedicated to the old web + my love for cartoons!
nicolas - Vari Webzone
personal site with various writings about loving computers, a photo album, and more.
mora - good men die too
im a dogfaker with a personal microblog thats more a collection of words and images more than anything coherent. you should still tell me what a good boy i am.
Groovy - Waxynwane
waxynwane A multi-themed personal site relating to arts and other mischievous things.
Allister - southern cross station
personal site where I talk about my OCs, my life, and other stuff!
Ramona - clickbitten
the webpage of an emo teen who also is a (admittedly terrible at it) rollerblading dog.
juno - juno's site
nene themed site from a fiction kinnie :3
Elia Rowan - The Ecumene
Originally a site for worldbuilding and writing, but now mostly used as a personal space for some weirdo.
pepper - Symphony
homeworld of this strange poetic alien
Junior - Grulovia
Some idiot's autism central
Jaxys - scrapes and bruises
fandom history, plural history, fic recs
Jackdaw - Skyhold
essays on magic, personal writing, and art
Astrophel - VULTUR3
A collector or collections; ran by a transmasc Night Elf folk pagan druid (Free Public Tarot Readings Every Week !!!)
Benjamin - bellringer
Personal Information-system website - gatherin' the latest and most crucial intel regardin' anythin' about this chap, just to put it on one of those endlessly updating registries!
personal website containing my art, blog, and various collections of things i like!
Kieran - Castle's Keep
Just a small personal site for hoarding various odds and ends. Eternally a work in progress.
Nyx - N1x's Tower
Personal site of a transfem otherkin coder.
homepage of a silly kitty who loves little shop of horrors too much. hosts art, blogging, and more
Veyther - Lost?
Wander into the dark and discover secrets, art, music, photography shrines, games, worlds and even more secrets.
miu - gears
the personal site of your friendly everyday puppygirl gorgeous girl genius ultimate inventor!
Wasp - PunkWasp
The personal website of a nonbinary artist and creative!
Patchi - deadmall
clusterfuck personal webzone run by a dead dog, including scans, shrines, and more
Vergil - Tiger on the Web
Personal site with a focus on alterhumanity. Hosting resources, essays, shrines, and artwork, among whatever else the webmaster is interested in. Managed by a therianthrope + fictionfolk.
mandarin - .mandarin
the personal site of a little guy that loves collecting.
corvidae - corvidae's website ~ the flames of disaster
my personal corner of the web! :)
andrew - poetofu
personal webcorner of a trans gay computer, also an artist
sasha - dissection girl
a website run by a dead girl
William - foofoai
The coolest website in the seven seas. Embark on the ship to hear the long forgotten tales of an alterhuman.
sango - ikaroll
my personal site where I talk about whatever I like!
Hoonis - confettiguts
silly personal site dedicated to my experience on the 2000s-2010s web! run by a strange being going crazy on her computer
Roselle - Roselle's World
A strange, whimsical soul's magical little corner of the Web.
Calaban - Sleepy Circus
My little corner of the web for fun and my photography. :3
Jamie - shiny.exe
personal website created to indulge in myself and my interests while bringing joy to others!
Aspen - testtubesterone
a personal site for one freaky lesbian to blog, collect graphics, and gush about the things he loves.
Zombie - Zombie Soda
a comfy lil section of the freakishly negative net for me to chillax and be me !!! i drop music, game and art stuff for kicks lawlll
Dave - Dave Miller
An experiment in recovering from "cringe culture" by making a space where I can be unapologetically me-- which includes being "stereotypically autistic".
AJ - Tangerinez
personal site getting to explore what i missed out on as a kid with zero plans and theme!
nork - nork2004
a site connected to a computer in the sky
john - heirofslime
i make small projects for fun and share them
skell3y! - skELL3Y!!
a silly little site that does silly little things
gerbo - bugkisser's paradise
a cutesy personal site that i made for funsies :3
Cyrus - brainhole
a personal site, i'm not sure what exactly i'm doing with it yet, but there's a shrine section.
Bob - vesselvindicate
personal site with art, shrines, and various graphic collections among other things
Dee - The Wanderverse
A little personal website made with love, magic, and whimsy. A friendly shapeshifting jester runs the show!
rosecorp - rosecorp
dogboy computer guy shambling through the web
Paul - Leskowitz
no button provided Just a simple page where I can be myself
Sylvie - Pastellerie's space
My site is a space where i express myself, i hope others can experience the joy with me on my personal site ^^
Drop Therapy - Autistic Cat's Website
Personal Website that links to various musical and literary projects.
Meadow - the evergreen gardens
a robot's personal area to dump its thoughts in. focuses on my interests, self shipping, kinning, whatever i feel like.
Mey - Dreamscapes
a personal site !!