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These are the current members for the Alterhuman Summoning Circle. Hover over an image for their name!

Nephro - feeling machine
the never-ending art project and personal screaming cool-off room of a machine that lost its purpose and way. also owns this webring.
Noa - moonview
personal/art site kept up by a silly little catbeing who is also many other things.
Beau - boothworld industries
Visit the desktop of a completely natural, all organic, living and 99% "human" entity. (no refunds!)
Nepeta - arseniccatnip33
the website of a silly trans catgirl that read homestuck when she was 14 and hasnt recovered since :33
Taffy - taffy's homepage
explore the thoughts, interests, and many, many ramblings of a real life cat(girl)!
Vincent - Vincent's Dungeon πŸ”ž
A personal website that also hosts photography and writing.
Whisker - Whisker's Den
A 'kin experience-focused site run by a therian and fictionkin cat program.
site run by a weasel
Azure - macaque
This site contains graphics, essays, and soul of the webmaster, who also just-so happens to be a fallen angel (amongst other things).
Luteia - the chaotic threshold
A personal site for the skyrose garden. Semi-focused on otherkin commentary and essays, but also focused on other things.
Serena - Vaporwave Synthesizer
This place will forever be under maintenance. I leak a lot of creative juices, and my site is a perfect place for that.
Devils - heckmaster πŸ”ž
home of devilishly good times.
Dokodemo is a hobby project which serves as a time capsule to the earlier days of the web.
Anf-A - 200orifice πŸ”ž
Depot of art, writings, and general blogs of the collective Anf-A.
Laika Wallace - Laika Wallace's Writing Page
This is where Laika hosts PDFs of hir books for anyone to read for free.
Hank - kr0hbar.exe
killing machine : insane cycle path : backrooms entity from hell : anthropoidic void
Westbrook - waving-shores
A wizard's little web corner for everything.
Kyt - Crossveil
A personal grimoire of an ethereal Cat exploring the Veil and the Beyond.
Jelly - jellykins
a surely but slowly improving site based around the splatoon series! come here for fun, leave with ink in your face and a world of knowledge from the depths of the sea o’ colors.
Raziel - EXPECTATIONemesis
A personal site that houses a nostalgia-sick sparkledragon's special interests.
mizuki - mizuki's world!
mizuki's place to blog and be herself.
Leo - StarBound
A digital home on a digital starship. Still in construction, but it's cozy.
crow - crowpunk co
crow's funky eclectic web page, showing off feyr interests, art, web graphics, and generally weird stuff! centered on queerness, disability, and being 100 people in a trench coat.
Angel - Control Core Angel
A personal site run by your local Siren, with much to discover and explore. Kins waaay too many things.
A void's personal site for various escapades. Art, musings, vtubing... -
A Digital Garden.
Jay - the (jay)bird cage
A general personal site, with some things about me and some resource links.
Kenma - Kozume
Yet another website hosted by someone who might or might not have been a volleyball player before.
victor - ghosting pen
a personal website full of stuff about the webmaster's special interests and hyperfixations. run by a ghost who often likes to keep to himself
Cross - cross paradise
personal website with art, opinions, and silliness
cupid - Cupid's Corner
my little personal site! i blog abt my life as a neurodivergent young adult :)
Dragon[s] - Dragon's Roost
Personal website largely surrounding alterhuman and plural experiences. Contains resources and writings.
Spencer - Silly Alien
Personal website of a silly queer alien! Featuring art, spirituality, mental health discussion, silly antics, and more!
Ryan - followthewhiterabbit
kitty cat artist on the internet :3